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Thrive Precision Health, Inc. (OTC:CNER) Taking Steps To Serve Diabetic Health Sector


In the world ofhealthcare investments, the diabetes care market emerges as acompelling arena ripe with opportunities. Several important factorsthat may attract some investors are driving the sector’sgrowth.

At theheart of this surge is the continual development of efficient insulindelivery devices. Technological advancements in healthcare aresteering manufacturers to innovate in this crucial area. Projectionsindicate a substantial uptick in the global diabetes care devicesmarket, from $28,942.1 million in 2022 to an anticipated $42,119.3million by 2028, reflecting a noteworthy compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 6.4%.

The World Health Organization’s recognition of diabetes asa significant global health challenge underscores the urgency forsolutions. With over 420 million people affected worldwide, the marketdemands innovative approaches to address this widespreadconcern.

Theinsulin market, valued at $21.11 billion in 2022, signifies asubstantial financial domain within the broader diabetes carelandscape. Predictions hint at its growth to $25 billion by 2030, withNorth America playing a prominent role, commanding a considerable38.91% market revenue share in 2022.

On a domestic scale, the United States presents avivid picture of the diabetes epidemic. A staggering 37.3 millionAmericans are diagnosed with diabetes, while an additional 96 milliongrapple with pre-diabetes. This prevalence is particularly pronouncedin the aging population, where 48.8% of those aged 65 or older facethe challenges of this health condition.

Looking forward, Global Market Insightsanticipates a robust compound annual growth rate of 10% for thediabetes care device market. This projection positions the market toevolve into an $88 billion industry by 2030, offering investors acompelling narrative for potential opportunities in this evolvinghealthcare landscape.

Among the growing landscape of the diabetes care market, onepotential hidden gem poised for prominence is Thrive PrecisionHealth, Inc. (OTC: CNER) .

Thrive Precision Health Inc. is carving its nicheas a global diabetes care powerhouse. Trading under the symbol CNER , the company is revitalizing established healthcare clinicsspecializing in diabetes care. Their unique approach integratescutting-edge technologies, aiming to create a seamless digitalexperience for patients worldwide, offering personalized healthcarethrough the application of AI and quantum biosensors.

The company marked asignificant milestone on October 5, 2023, by completing a name changeto Thrive Precision Health, Inc. This strategic move accompanied theestablishment of two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Thrive Testing andBiosafety Inc. and Thrive Precision Health (USA), Inc., signaling acommitment to precision health and a broader global vision.

Thrive PrecisionHealth’s expansion strategy takes center stage with a recent pressrelease announcing a binding letter of intent to acquire two diabetesclinics in Arizona. The pending acquisition of True DiabetesNeuropathy and Wounds Solutions AZ, LLC, marks the initiation of theirstrategy to infuse advanced technology into diabetes care.

The company isdiligently developing a standardized clinical footprint designed forscalability across the nation and internationally. Each clinic isexpected to offer a range of services, including wound care, IVtherapies, neuropathy treatment, and complementary protocols. With upto 20 IV stations and five wound care treatment rooms per clinic,Thrive envisions generating $5–6 million in total revenues perlocation, aiming for an impressive 35% EBITDA within eachclinic.

GuyZajonc, CEO and Chairman of Thrive Precision Health, is a primeexample of the company’s leadership, which places a strongemphasis on precision health and personalized medicine. The CEO ofTrue Diabetes, Dr. Jason Mulder, draws attention to the urgent need inArizona alone, where millions of people suffer from diabetes and thereis a severe shortage of treatment resources.

In the context of a burgeoning diabetes care market, ThrivePrecision Health, Inc. (OTC: CNER) emerges as a compelling playerwith a vision to transform healthcare delivery. Their strategicacquisitions, commitment to precision health, and innovative approachposition them as an intriguing opportunity within a sector poised forsignificant growth. As the demand for personalized diabetes carerises, CNER stands out as a potential cornerstone in this evolvingnarrative.

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