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Jacksonville, Florida, Dec. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The research and development department of Global Warming Solutions, Inc. (OTC MARKETS: GWSO), has found a very cost-effective way of producing a solid electrolyte for batteries that can be used for EV. The company has already started laboratory testing of the battery’s electrochemical cells.

The company’s approach in developing a new type of battery used in EV will be based on sodium as an active material in the battery anodes versus lithium which is more commonly used. Sodium has a number of advantages over lithium e.g.; resources for its production are immeasurably larger and its price on the market is ten times lower than that of lithium. In addition, the battery cathode does not contain scarce cobalt. This opens up opportunities for rapid growth in both development, and battery production for electric vehicles by costing much less than usual.

The company is in the final stages of filing a worldwide patent application for a new EV technology based on this sodium-based device.

“The first results we are seeing in our laboratory tests of new electrochemical cells are very encouraging,” says Artem Madatov, GWSO chief scientist. Calculations based on measurements of the cell characteristics showed a battery capacity of 8 MJ / kg. This means that with a battery weight of 300 kg (661 lbs.), a light truck can travel for about 750 miles on a single charge. Another important feature of our battery is the absence of the so-called “memory effect.” E.g.; during long-term operation of the battery, its electrical capacity does not decrease. Durability of the cathode and anode will allow recharging the battery about 2000 times. Thus, operating an EV for 1,500,000 miles will not require a battery change.

GWSO Chief Executive Officer Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko noted that the low cost of sodium batteries has expanded the market for the sale of our new product. In addition to the electric car industry, other market niches are opening up, such as major capacity batteries for electric ocean-going ships, electric boats and yachts. Existing markets, such as the market for stationary electrical energy storage, will also expand significantly. At the same time, the development of battery production will not be limited by the rate of lithium supply. “We plan to double the sales of our products year over year, ”said Dr. Vasilenko.

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Vladimir Vasilenko
Global Warming Solutions, Inc.


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