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24/7 Market News Snapshot 28 Dec 2023

2023-12-28 10:07:56 ET

DENVER, Colo., Dec. 28, 2023 ( )- The following companies published announcements or are trading higher on higher-than-usual volume; SEALSQ Corp (NASDAQ: LAES), Microbot Medical Inc (NASDAQ: MBOT), Absci Corp(NASDAQ: ABSI), Nova Lifestyle Inc (NASDAQ: NVFY), SenesTech Inc (NASDAQ: SNES), and Cingulate Inc (NASDAQ: CING).

News SEALSQ’s Post-Quantum Semiconductor Technology Fortifies Cryptocurrency Security- SEALSQ (NASDAQ: LAES) is trading at $1.75, up $0.60 (+52.17%), on 24.8M shares traded. SEALSQ was our main premarket feature this morning and, after hitting a $3.86 premarket high, it’s trying to regain its momentum.

Microbot Medical Announced Positive Results of Its GLP Pivotal Pre-Clinical Study Where All Study Objectives Were Met- Microbot Medical (NASDAQ: MBOT) is trading at $1.73, up $0.41 (+31.06%), on 7.8M shares …

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24/7 Market News Snapshot 28 Dec 2023


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