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Tiziana Life Sciences reports six-month PET scan results for MS patients

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Tiziana Life Sciences Ltd (NASDAQ:TLSA) chief medical officer and chief operating officer Matthew Davis speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company announced an update on the company’s progress in treating non-active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS).

The latest six-month PET scan data reveals improvements in five out of six patients, echoing the positive results from the three-month scans. This breakthrough aligns with the drug’s hypothesis, as published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, which suggests the drug works by stabilising the brain’s innate immunity. From a business perspective, Davis suggests the findings are significant.

In the US, there’s no FDA-approved treatment for this specific MS type, affecting approximately 200,000 patients. Tiziana Life Sciences is gearing up for its phase 2a programme, focusing on PET change as a primary endpoint. Davis also highlights that he addressed the importance of targeting neuroinflammation in MS and Alzheimer’s during a keynote speech in Milan this week.

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